Castings Point

The acquisition of Cream City Auto and the vacation of city street created a city-block opportunity for comprehensive urban design and planning. The completed product includes multiple buildings housing a 53-unit apartment complex with street-level dining and entertainment space and a 32,000 square-foot office/retail building.


Milwaukee Developer Tim Dixon is looking for the next hot spot for urban site development around Milwaukee's downtown. He found it in Walker's Point, and he turned to Continuum Architects + Planners SC, Milwaukee, to help turn his plan for Castings Point into reality.

– Wisconsin Builder, March 2006

The (Alterra) environment looks and feels industrial and ‘foundry-ish.’ Alterra owners leased the brand new building in mint condition, complete with spotless concrete floors and white walls, but designers proceeded to customize it into a rustic-feeling foundry complete with recycled scrap metal decor. “Basically, we're in a new space that was custom made to look old. The results are really unique’.

–, January 5, 2006